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It’s all started with one question, How to choose your next mobile phone?

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You probably are scared of choosing a mobile phone with low quality, yet high price so we decided to keep you updated, and of course, you can always consider this website as a guide for you. And because we value our customers, we Dedicated our time and experience to give them the best value.
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Our Goal

We are Customer oriented, our main goal is to satisfy our customer, and the first step we take in order to reach our goal, is by being committed.

Our Mission

Quality assurance, because nobody likes the heavy feeling of regret, so we always make sure you don’t catch such feeling. After you buy the wrong device.

Our Vision

Because we value your time, money and image. We promise you three things: 1- Being up to date 2- honest and fair 3- Our talented team work together to make your time with us, the most advanced experience ever..
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We simply spend so much time in order to save yours


Throughout the past years, elavocatomobile.com has developed to become a pioneer in its field. For us it’s not hard, because we believe that, the easiest way to reach your people is speak their language, and we speak technology!

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